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Provide an RTMP Pull Link

vCloud broadcasts can provide an RTMP pull link to use with other services, or our own, to pull the broadcast feed from that link.

The streaming service/encoder that is pulling from this link must explicitly indicate they are able to pull from RTMP pull endpoints.

  1. Log into vCloud.

  2. Find the broadcast and select the pencil icon to update the broadcast.

  3. Navigate to the Syndication section. Click on Add RTMP Pull Endpoint. An orange cancel button will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

  4. After saving, you'll be taken to the top of the page. Scroll back down to the Syndication section and you'll see an RTMP URL. Copy the RTMP address. (This is what you'll plug into the encoder or streaming service to pull the broadcast.)

    The broadcast must be live prior to attempting to pull from the link provided.

You can also find your RTMP information by going to the Broadcast Details:

  1. Click on the i icon to get to the Broadcast Details page. Select Syndication and you'll find your RTMP Pull Information.