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Direct Purchase Link for an Access Pass

A direct link to purchase an access pass can be provided to make it quick and easy for viewers to purchase the pass. Using the link in promotional material enables viewers to go straight to the broadcast without having to find the broadcast themselves or navigate to your streaming page.

  1. Once you have created the Access Pass, navigate to the Access Pass area of vCloud by going to Access and then Access Passes.

  2. Find the Access Pass you want a link for, then select the View Access Pass details option by selecting the magnifying glass icon to the right.

    You'll be presented with a screen that gives the details for the Access Pass. Make sure these details are correct.

  3. You'll see the Direct Purchase Link for the access pass at the bottom of the screen. Click the link to automatically copy it to your clipboard.

  4. If you'd like, test the link by pasting it into your browser. It will take you to the BlueFrame login screen. Your viewers can enter their credentials and they'll be taken through a standard purchasing process to buy the Access Pass.


The Access Pass I have selected does not have a link, why?

Direct links for Access Passes that are only on a per-game basis will not appear, fans would just select that particular game and purchase access directly. Access Passes that are season passes or yearly access, for example, will have direct links.

How can fans purchase access to our livestreams?

They can purchase access through a direct link, or on your Team1Sports page, or custom portal page, selecting the livestream and choosing Purchase Access, then going through the purchasing process.