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Storage Management

Use tools to view total storage, delete broadcasts, etc. to manage storage associated with your account.

Viewing Your Storage

  1. To view the amount of storage currently used from vCloud's Home page, navigate to Account and select View Site "Name of your organization"

Deleting Broadcasts

  1. Navigate to the Broadcast Grid page under Produce.

  2. Change the Status to Archived to show all broadcasts that have streamed already. Click Update Filter to apply filters.

    There are other filters that can also help narrow down a search including "Section" (Sport/Activity) and certain Date Ranges if you know when the events took place.

  3. On the broadcast(s) to delete, navigate to the far right side of the broadcasts and see the icons listed there. Select the X icon.

  4. Select Yes, Delete to proceed.

  5. That broadcast will be removed from your list and deleted. If for some reason there was a mistake and you deleted a broadcast you were wanting to keep it can be recovered, please see the following: Recovering Deleted Broadcasts

View Which Broadcasts may be Deleted

  1. Depending on account settings, broadcasts may automatically be deleted after reaching a certain storage threshold or after a certain amount of time.

    Please consult your streaming contract language with BlueFrame in order to determine if this applies under your current contract.

  2. From vCloud's Home page, navigate down to Account and select View Site "Name of your organization"

  3. To see which broadcasts may be trashed, on that same page, navigate up to Operations and select Get Storage Report.

  4. An email containing a list of your broadcasts and in the column on the far right, will be sent. See if the broadcast has Apply or Exempt.

    If the broadcast has Apply, it will be trashed automatically based upon language outlined in your stream plan. If the broadcast is Exempt, it will NOT be trashed.

    Once a broadcast is trashed, you will have 30-days before it is unrecoverable and permanently deleted.

Exempt a Broadcast from Being Deleted

  1. Make certain broadcasts are exempt from being trashed. This will ensure that when broadcasts are trashed,certain broadcast(s) are not included.

    Either when creating the broadcast or updating it, navigate down to Settings>Plan tab.

  2. Navigate down to the Apply Automatic Trash rule to Broadcast setting. From the dropdown, select the Broadcast is exempt and should not be trashed automatically option.

  3. Select Create or Save on the broadcast, those changes to take place.