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Export Livestream List

vCloud provides the ability to export a list of your livestreams to see various bits of information regarding them. This includes; title, date/time, section, RTMP information, etc.

  1. From the vCloud home page, select the Broadcast Grid.

  2. Use the filters at the top to filter to any of the fields available and customize the list below to your preferences.

    Select the Update Filter to apply changes and the broadcasts below will reflect the changes.

    If you are wanting to see livestreams done in the past, use the Status filter and change it to Archived.

  3. Once you have filtered the list of the livestreams you wish to export, click on the Download CSV button in the upper right.

  4. You'll receive a pop up, select the Download button on the bottom right.

    The file will then download to your computer.

  5. Open the file on your computer, if on a Mac it will open as a Numbers file, but can be converted to an Excel or Google Spreadsheet as needed.

    You will see your livestreams listed, each as a separate row.

  6. You can scroll to the far right to see the RTMP information for that livestream listed in the RTMP URL column.

    Please note, this is the full RTMP URL, if your hardware/software requires it to be broken down into RTMP URL and Stream Key that will need to be done manually.