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Creating and Utilizing Playlists

Playlists are a great way to organize broadcasts both for yourself and viewers. They allow broadcasts to be grouped together both for organizational purposes or to set up pay-per-view access for those broadcasts.


Creating Playlists

  1. In order to create a playlist, go to the playlist area of vCloud, this can be done by going to Produce and then playlists.

    Playlists are site-specific, this means that only playlists for the site in the box at the top of vCloud will populate this area, for many of you this will default to your particular school or organization. However, if you have multiple sites you may need to choose one.

  2. In the Manage Playlists section, choose Operations>Create Playlist.

  3. Fill out the information for the playlist. Verify which sport will be included and give it a title. Add a description if desired.

  4. Click Create. The playlist is now created lives within the Manage Playlists area.

Adding Broadcasts to a Playlists

  1. Either during the broadcast creation or in editing, navigate down to the Playlists area and type in a keyword from the title of the playlist. Select it and Save or Create the broadcast for the playlist to then apply.

    A single broadcast can be added to multiple playlists.

Associating an Access Pass with a Playlist

  1. For pay-per-view purposes, associate your Access Pass with your playlist.

    Once Access Pass is set up and it is set for the same section, navigate to the playlist and update it. Under the Playlist page, select the pencil icon to the right of the playlist.

  2. Under the Playlist's Settings, ensure that the Access Pass you want to be associated with this playlist is checked. Disable any other Access Passes.

  3. Select Save.

Using Playlists on our Web Portal and Applications

  1. If you are utilizing a certain version of our web portal or applications, you can display playlists on your page. This allows you to showcase certain content or create quick access for viewers.

    In order for a playlist to be displayed, you will need to reach out to our Support Team.