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Bulk Broadcast Scheduling

Bulk broadcast scheduling allows for multiple broadcasts to be scheduled simultaneously. These can be entered quickly with consistent information and allows for the easy scheduling of multiple events, like seasons for a specific team.

  1. Navigate to the Broadcast Grid page under Produce.

  2. Under Operations in the upper right, select Bulk Schedule.

  3. Broadcast Defaults will appear. Set for all broadcasts to be created. Any setting that is enabled, such as the Section in the below screenshot will apply to ALL the broadcasts created. Any setting that is not enabled, will need to be defined on each broadcast.

    Enable Playlists, Site Sharing, and Availability options that will apply to all the broadcasts. If are sending to vCloud via an encoder, enable Alternative Source for all the broadcasts to get RTMP information for each.

  4. Choose settings to apply to all broadcasts and click Add Broadcast

    The Main Title option will create an initial title that appears before the Team 1 Name and Team 2 Name options. In the below example, "BlueFrame Highlights" is the Main Title it applies to each broadcast created. This can be useful for labeling specific sports or groups of broadcasts.

  5. Fill in the fields that were not selected as broadcast defaults.

    Click Schedule Broadcasts to create the broadcasts.

A confirmation page showing the broadcasts were scheduled appears.