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Use Video Clips & Playlists

Video Clips can be utilized within Production Truck to enhance your broadcast. As a producer, you can play various clips such as advertisements, promos, interviews, etc. Utilize a .mp4 format when playing clips.

  1. Video Clips Editor

    Open the Video Clips Editor window by clicking where it says Video Clips on the left side of Production Truck.

  2. Click on the plus sign in the video clips tray on the bottom of the window to open a new video clip. This will open up a window that allows searching files for the clip.

  3. Click on the black square with a grey plus sign to continue adding more video clips to your tray.

    Click on the clip to play and an orange outline will appear. Click the desired transition and it will transition that video clip into the broadcast. When the clip ends it will automatically use the same transition to switch back to the last camera feed.

    To remove a clip from the tray, right-click on the clip and select remove

  4. Audio

    To choose which audio to accompany the video clip, choose the Audio Override box. Switch audio between the audio from the clip or the live audio. Adjust the audio from video clip by adjusting the audio levels on the right side of the Video Clips Editor window.

  5. Looping & Graphics

    • Checking the Loop box will continuously loop that video clip until you uncheck the box.
    • Checking the Graphics box will allow for graphics that are currently in the preview screen to overlay onto the clips themselves.
  6. Load at Start, Clear Clips, Reset

    • Checking the Load at Start option will cause all the clips currently loaded into the Video Clips Editor to appear each time Production Truck is opened. This is a great feature to continuously use the same clips.
    • The Clear Clips button will remove all clips from the current clip cache, so be careful!
    • The Reset button will cause any clip to stop playing and empty the current clip window. Additionally, it also causes all clips to start at the beginning.


Another helpful tool is the playlists option to combine multiple video clips to form playlists that allow for easy firing of multiple clips simultaneously.

  1. Combining Video to Loop

    Open the Video Clips window. Select the plus sign and then select the option New Playlist. This will open up the Playlist Builder.

  2. To add clips to the playlist select the plus sign. This will open up a new window, similar to Video Clips. Select files from your computer. Once the desired clips are found locally on the computer, they must be selected. Then select 'open' to pull those videos into Truck.

  3. When loaded into truck they will look similar to the image below with the timecode, name of the file, and the order in which they will play displayed for each clip. The bottom of the playlist builder will indicate the number of items, the total combined runtime, and the size of the playlist.

  4. Name the Playlist.

    Consider including the total time of the playlist as a part of the name to help choose from multiple playlists later.

To open up playlists choose the Open Playlist option.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team here.