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Firing Local Ads

If you are looking to play your own ads into your broadcast with Production Truck the Ads area of the Video Clips editor can be utilized. You can also use the Ad Trigger in order to more efficiently fire advertisements.

Loading in Ads

  1. To play a local advertisement into your broadcast using the Ad Trigger, load in the advertisement clips. This will cause Production Truck to display their length, making producing easier.

    Within Production Truck's preferences, navigate to the Timers tab. Then at the bottom, select Custom Local Ad Breaks.

  2. Select Custom Local Ad Breaks to change the Ad Trigger on the main screen of Production Truck to blank spaces. Click on the three horizontal lines to load a video or playlist for your advertisement. By default, it will open up the local ads area of the Production Truck folder. Search elsewhere on your computer for your saved ads.

  3. Once you load an ad, the ad's length will appear to the right. Clicking on the three horizontal bars again will give you the option to clear the ad. Right-clicking on the time indication will allow you to preview the advertisement.

  4. Once you have all your advertisements loaded in, you can begin firing them during your broadcasts.

Firing your Ads

  1. With the ad, you wish to fire highlighted in blue, select Fire Ad. A 5-second timer will begin to countdown and your ad will begin to play.

    The 5-second timer can be changed via the Timers tab of the Production Truck preferences window.

  2. Once the ad is over, it will return to the currently selected camera outlined in green on the right-hand side of Production Truck. To quickly get out of an ad, select STOP AD and the ad will end immediately and the currently selected camera will be cut too.

Using the Ad tab of the Video Clip Editor | Combining Local Ads with Generic Ads

This process allows you to combine local advertisements and Generic Advertisements if enabled.

In order to use the Ads tab of the Video Clips editor, the Custom Ad Breaks option must be disabled.

  1. Navigate to the Video Clips area of Production Truck. Then navigate to the Ads tab of the Video Clips Editor.

  2. Similar to the Video Clips area of the Video Clips editor, custom advertisements can be loaded into the tray at the bottom of the Ad tab of the Video Clips Editor. This will open up the file finder on your computer and allow you to bring in .mp4 files as advertisements.

  3. In order to fire Local Ads, you must select the Local button on the right-hand side of the video player.

  4. Select a time on the right and select Fire Ad to begin firing the local advertisement. Once your local advertisement has ended, it will begin to play generic ads for fans for the remainder of the time if you have those enabled.

    To fire only local ads, we would recommend changing the Timers tab of the Production Truck Preferences area.


I'm having trouble playing my ads, what can I do?

Please ensure your video files for your ads are in a .mp4 file format, a 16:9 format, and 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 resolution.

If you are having issues with any of the above workflows, we would recommend playing any videos from the video clips tab, that process is outlined in this tutorial.