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Retrieving Custom Transitions

Custom Transitions are only available on the Mac version of Production Truck

  1. Open Production Truck. Click Video Clips.

  2. There are two custom transition buttons below the FLASH transition. Click on the three horizontal lines for one of the buttons. This will open another window. Click DOWNLOAD at the top of the window. Set the SECTION to Any Section.

  3. The name of the transition with logo is off to the right. Just like with overlays, click on the little white box to the left and then DOWNLOAD on the bottom of the window.

  4. Go to the OPEN tab. The custom transition there can be seen here. Click on the white box and then click OPEN at the bottom of the window.

  5. The second window will close. The transition will show below the FLASH Transition. Select a clip and when you click on your transition it will play the transition, play the clip, and then play the transition again when the clip ends.

    The process is the same for using the transition to switch between cameras. Open the transition in the list of transitions on the main screen.