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Disk Cleanup

Production Truck will automatically give a warning when a hard drive is low on space. The Disk Cleanup tool allows you to clean up your Production Truck files, including previous broadcasts.

Production Truck needs at least 10 GBs of Disk Space in order to operate properly.

  1. When opening up Production Truck, if there is a low amount of disk space available you will automatically receive the Disk Cleanup window. If Disk space is critically low, you will also receive a warning from Production Truck itself.

  2. To select the folders to clean up, select the checkboxes to the left of each folder. We would recommend clearing up the Archive folder as this contains all previous broadcast recordings. Additionally, you can see how much free space is available in the lower right.

    None of these folders contain information vital to Production Truck's operation, so you can clear them all if needed.

  3. With those selected, you will select Cleanup... in the lower right-hand corner and it will ask you to confirm. Once you select Cleanup, those files will be removed and more free space will be available.