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Getting Started with Production Truck

Why Production Truck?

Have the power of a video production truck at your fingertips. With simplified workflows, one producer can easily use multi-angle capture, display graphics, play video clips, and capture replays.

Become a Production Trucker and join hundreds of colleges, high schools, regional broadcasters, and professional organizations that user Production Truck to give their fans the stream quality they deserve.

  1. Download Production Truck

    First things first: download Production Truck for either Mac or Windows. Also, make sure that the computer you are using meets Production Truck’s technical requirements.

    Production Truck is software that must be used on a computer. If you want to livestream with a more simplistic setup, you can do so with our Remote Truck iOS app or directly from your Hudl Focus camera.

    Note that Production Truck is full of features that can enhance your livestreams for fans that are not available with Remote Truck or the Hudl Focus.

  2. Connect Hardwired Video or Audio Sources

    If you will be using any hardwired video sources, such as a handycam or video camera, connect the camera to your capture card and connect the capture card to the computer.

    Depending on your capture card, ensure you have the appropriate drivers downloaded.

    Before opening the Production Truck application, also connect any audio devices you will be using. This could be an audio mixer and headsets for commentators or a microphone for natural audio at your venue.

    If you will be using a Hudl Focus, we will wait to get into the software first before connecting it.

  3. Login

    With your devices connected, you can now login to Production Truck.

    If on Mac, be sure to allow any video and audio permissions that you are prompted with when logging in for the first time.

    If you need clarification on your login information, you can reset your password.

  4. Select your Cameras & Audio

    You’re now in Production Truck. All of its core features and components are available to you.

    You can click on the gear icon in the center of the software to access the Preferences menu and navigate through various settings. Under the Audio/Video tab, by selecting a Source as Camera 1 and Audio 1, you will have a camera input and audio levels begin to appear. you are ready to begin streaming.

    If you want to use a Hudl Focus as a camera source, you can view our tutorial on that process.

    As you go, find answers to your questions with our step-by-step tutorials or video walkthroughs.

  5. Go Live

    If you have already entered your team’s schedule, you’ll see a livestream selected at the top of the software. You can always create a broadcast, if you would just like to do a test.

    With at least one video and audio source, you can begin to livestream to your fans. Go into Test mode and then go Live through the buttons in the upper right. You’re now livestreaming!

    If you hit any roadblocks in this process, it may be related to your network connection. Ensure your network meets our requirements.

  6. End your event

    Has the event or game concluded? Time to end the livestream!

    In the upper right select the Live button again. After confirming, you will be presented with three options. Select the Archive option to have the livestream archive and become available on-demand for your fans.

You just completed your first livestream! Want to level up your livestream? See the following: