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Create Broadcasts in Production Truck for vCloud

Creating broadcasts in Production Truck is simple and allows extensive customization options. This learning guide will outline how to quickly get a broadcast setup and some of the required fields that must be entered.

  1. To create a broadcast on Production truck, choose the Broadcast tab on the top of your screen. Click Create Broadcast.

  2. Fill in the required fields: Section, Title, Event Date, and Contact Information.

    Contact Information will automatically fill with the information of the account currently logged in.

  3. Choose the correct category in the Section drop-down menu to correspond with the event being aired.

    Ensure that the section selected is enabled on your site. For example, Women's basketball and Men's basketball may be enabled on your site, but Basketball may not be. Many sites have all categories enabled by default.

  4. Enter Title and Description.

    Enter the Event Date. Be sure to select the correct time zone. Fill in the expected duration of the broadcast if you choose to. By default, broadcasts are given an expected duration of four hours.

  5. Input name and email.

    Double-check to ensure anything with a red star next to it is not left blank, as these are required fields.

  6. Click Create.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team here.