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Network Device Menu

If attempting to bring in a wireless camera via a network connection, utilize the Network Devices Menu. You can also have images as camera sources under this menu. They will then show in the Audio/Video menu as if they were a hardwired camera source.

  1. The new Network Devices menu can be found within the Production Truck Preferences menu.

  2. To add a Network Device use the '+' icon on the top left of the Device menu.

Adding Manual Entry Network Device

IP/RTMP/RTSP device information can be input in full under the URI field or broken into the individual fields. If URI is entered in full the software will automatically divide URL into pieces once added. See below for an example.

Full URI Address Input

Enter the entire address in the URI field and Add.

Address Fields Input Separately

Enter IP/URL address in URI field; Protocol type; Port number; Username & Password (if required)

Edit Network Device Info

Select the added device in the list and click the magnifying glass icon. Edit information and click Save.

Network Device Preview and Settings

With a Network Device selected as a video source, the gear icon (on Devices or Audio/Video section) will provide a preview screen and further settings/functionality for some devices.

Crop View of Network Device

Have a large field of view and want to create a camera view? Crop and create a camera source.

Adding Auto Discovery Network Device

BlueFrame's Production Truck currently supports integrated auto-discovery of Axis and JVC cameras on the same network as the software.

Axis Camera

JVC Pro Cam

Initial network and RTSP server setup is needed on the JVC camera prior to being able to bring it into Production Truck. See this tutorial for help.

Adding Image Device

Previously under the Audio/Video menu camera sources were preset and custom image file options. Images can now be selected and saved in the Devices menu. This allows for the ability of multiple images to be saved as potential camera options.

Custom Image

Select an image file from your computer's file directory via the Custom device type and Open button.

There are two Color Bar/Black Image Default options built into Production Truck.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team here.