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Scoreboard OCR

Using a Picture-in-Picture camera, our OCR feature can read a scoreboard at your venue and automatically update Production Truck's Scoreboard overlays.

This feature is currently only available for Production Truck on Mac.

Production Truck must have access to the computer's Document folder.

The camera and capture card being used must output at 30 fps.

This feature is currently only available on Intel and M1 Macs

  1. Go to Audio/Video tab in the Preferences menu of Production Truck and select OCR Camera. Select your camera from the Source dropdown.

  2. Once you have an OCR Camera selected. Navigate up to the toolbar at the top and select Extras. Then select OCR - Beta.

  3. A new window will appear. From the Source dropdown, select your OCR camera. You will then see your scoreboard.

  4. Select the Plus icon on the right to add a scoreboard data element you wish to pull from. Select that option and click Add.

    Below is a list of data elements that are supported.

    • Clock
    • Period
    • Score
    • Fouls
    • Timeouts
    • Shot Clock
  5. With that option selected in blue, on the scoreboard, you can click and drag to place a box around the element you are pulling data from. click the check box to the left of each data element to begin having those populate on the Scoreboard and Control Panel overlays.

    Below is an example of selecting the clock data option and drawing a box around the clock.

  6. Repeat the above process for any more data you wish to pull from the scoreboard.

    If the scoreboard is being read correctly, you will then be able to see the value options changing in real-time with the scoreboard.

    If the value field is not updating correctly, ensure the camera has a clear view of the scoreboard and redraw the box around the scoreboard data field.

    If using a camera with controllable settings, adjusting; exposure, zoom, etc. may improve OCR data reading.

  7. With that data now being read, you can close the window.

    In order for this feature to be used with overlays, pull in a Control Panel and Scoreboard for the sport, for more information about that, see our tutorial on the Basics of Overlays.


Does this work on outdoor scoreboards?

We recommend this setup for indoor scoreboards, outdoor venues can have varying levels of light that affect this feature's ability to read the scoreboard

The feature is reading the scoreboard incorrectly, what can be done?

There may be slight errors in prediction. If experiencing slight errors in predictions make changes to the red box region to ensure there is no interference from other lights or changing data. Best to have a tight red box selection on the scoreboard.

Can I use OCR and Picture-in-Picture at the same time?

No, either OCR or Picture-in-Picture must be used independently. For more information on PiP options for scoreboards, see our tutorial.