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Upload Video from a Mobile Device Camera Roll

Recording in a mobile device's camera app isn't the best workflow. Click here to learn how to save time by recording in the Hudl app.

Upload from a Mobile Device

  1. Open a web browser app on your mobile device.

    We recommend Safari or Google Chrome.

  2. Log in to and tap Upload.

  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the correct team.

  4. Tap Select Files.

  5. Select Photo Library.

  6. Select Videos.

  7. Select the video file(s) and tap Done.

    If there are multiple files for this game, select them all. They'll automatically combine during your upload. This is especially important for volleyball games that may have recorded each match of a game as a new recording.

  8. When uploading multiple files click Order By and choose how you want the files ordered: File Name, Original Order or Date Modified.

  9. While the video uploads, select Video Type and Scheduled Event. Be sure to update the video title and add any labels you'd like.

  10. Tap Save. Once the upload finishes, navigate to your library to watch it.

Transfer Video to a Computer

  1. Plug the device into your computer. If prompted, unlock it using your passcode.

  2. Tap Trust to allow the device to connect to your computer.

  3. Click the spotlight search icon.

  4. Search for Image Capture in the search bar, click Image Capture to open.

  5. Select the video(s) you'd like to import and click Import.

    Be sure to select where you'd like the video to be saved to such as the desktop or downloads folder.

  6. Click here to learn how to upload your video from your desktop.