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Messaging FAQ

How can I use these tools?

Hudl’s messaging tools enable you to have conversations with individual athletes and coaches, custom groups or the whole team. Below are a few examples:

  • Send reminders about practice times.
  • Discuss game strategy with coaches.
  • Request feedback from the team.
  • Share links to training resources.

Who can I message?

Any coach or player can start private conversations with other individuals, or communicate with an entire group on the same Hudl roster. Every message in a group conversation is visible to the whole group. You can also have a private 1-on-1 conversation with a single individual.

How will users be notified?

When you send a new message, all participants in the conversation (except you, the sender) will receive a notification via one or more channels.

Email: These notifications are turned on by default. The email will contain the full message. Unread messages will appear as a red badge at the top of your Hudl profile.
Hudl app on iOS or Android device: You will be prompted to opt-in to receive push notifications the first time you access Hudl’s messaging tools. Users who have opted in will receive a notification on the device’s home screen.

Can I message myself?

When you send a message to yourself, you will receive a notification on Hudl because you are both the sender and the recipient.

How do I adjust notifications?

You can adjust notifications on two levels:

  • Individually for one or more conversations
  • Globally for all messages

When a conversation is muted, you will not be notified about new messages from athletes. Messages from coaches will not be muted. Learn how to adjust notifications.

How can I share documents?

Gold and Platinum subscribers also have the option to share documents and other files via Hudl’s messaging tools. Shared files are private and only visible to the participants in a conversation. Learn how to include documents in messages here.

  • You may select up to five files, each up to 10MB in size.
  • You can drag and drop one or more files into an existing conversation. We support all common Microsoft Office files, photos and PDF documents.

Your team can view shared files on both desktop and mobile. Participants who have opted in to email notifications will also receive a link to the file(s).

You can't upload and share videos in a message.

How much does it cost?

Hudl’s messaging tools are available to all Hudl subscribers at no additional cost.

Gold and Platinum packages receive the following:

  • File Sharing

How do I delete messages that I have sent?

You can only delete messages you have sent—not other people's messages.

To delete your message:

  1. Click the Gear Icon.
  2. Select Delete.