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Manage Public Roster

The public roster is what will appear when others view your team's profile. If you choose to link your team with MaxPreps, the information on this page is what will appear there. It is important to keep your public roster updated so that your MaxPreps roster is correct.

  1. Hover over Team and select Manage Team.

  2. Click Public Roster.

  3. Select No for any athlete to remove them from the public roster on MaxPreps.

    MaxPreps updates every 30 minutes.


I have an athlete on my Hudl roster but they’re not showing up on MaxPreps. What am I doing wrong?

Have you checked to see if the athlete is marked correctly on your MaxPreps public roster in Hudl? If the athlete is not marked here, they will not appear on MaxPreps

I have an athlete listed twice on my Hudl and MaxPreps stat reports. Why is the athlete being duplicated?

This will happen if the athlete is listed on your roster twice. Double-check with the athlete which email address they actually use to log into Hudl, then reach out to our Support team and we can merge the accounts into one.

I've imported my roster from MaxPreps into Hudl, but now it's telling me that the athletes are requiring emails.

MaxPreps doesn't require email addresses on athlete profiles, but Hudl does. In order for an athlete to access their Hudl account, you'll need to edit their profile on your Manage Team page to enter an email address and re-send them an invite to the team.