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Baseball & Softball | Required Recording Workflow

Check out these recording requirements and tips to make sure you get the best video for your team and for Hudl Assist.

The Right Equipment

  • Invest in up-to-date equipment like a high-definition (HD) camera or a newer iPad/iPhone for reliable recording and high-quality video.
  • Use a tripod or backstop camera mount so you have a stable, smooth stream when recording and reviewing video. No one wants to watch an entire game of shaky video.

Record and upload directly to the Hudl App! Check here to see if your iOS device is supported by the Hudl App.

Sony CX-405

On a bud­get? This cam­era records qual­i­ty video with great reviews to back it up. Click here to check it out.

Backstop Mount

Recording with a mobile device or GoPro? Use a backstop mount to capture high-quality and consistent video. Check out this backstop mount or find a similar mount for the best results.

How to Record

  • If using an iOS mobile device or tablet, download the Hudl app and follow these steps to record and submit your film to Assist in the app. Check here to see if your iOS device is supported by the Hudl App.
  • Capture your game from start to finish. Do not start and stop the recording since we don't want to miss any of the action.
  • Record in high-definition.
  • Keep things in focus. It’s hard to tag what you can’t see.
  • Record with audio, if possible.
  • Hold the camera in landscape mode for the best results.

What to Record

  • Capture between first and third base (the entire infield).
  • Record the scoreboard when possible.
  • Capture as many umpire signals as possible.
  • Do NOT stop your camera in between each pitch or at-bats.
  • If necessary, only stop between half-innings.

Where to Record From

  • Set up a camera or iPad/iPhone from behind home plate
  • Record from a vantage point that includes the pitcher and home plate umpire
  • Limit potential obstructions to the camera: net, fans, equipment, etc.

New Hudl for Baseball & Softball does not support recording with Hudl Sideline.

Tips for Recording

  • Charge your camera before the game.
  • Check the device for software updates.
  • Clean up the storage on your iPad to make room for your game (6-8 GBs of free storage).

Reasons Your Game Might be Rejected by Assist

  • If you submit a scrimmage that does not follow normal game rules.
  • If you submit a practice.
  • The video is out of order.
  • The zoom of the video prevents us from seeing the entire infield.
  • The game is not filmed behind home plate.
  • There is something in the way of the camera that blocks us from seeing the home plate umpire, pitcher, or bases.
  • There are multiple games in one event.

If the analyst is unable to break down a game due to poor quality, we’ll return it so you can upload a new copy. Turnaround time will no longer be guaranteed.