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Volleyball | Tag Video after the Match

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Use these keyboard shortcuts to make tagging your game quick and easy!

  1. Log in to your Hudl account and click Video.

  2. Select the game you'd like to tag.

  3. Click Tags.

  4. Click Tag Manually.

  5. Use the drop-down options to select jersey colors for both teams.

  6. Choose the stats you'd like to track and make sure the rosters are correct.

    These can be changed later, even as you tag. Just click Options.

  7. Click Select Rotation to set the rotation for each team.

  8. Click Start Tagging to begin.

  9. During a rally, you’ll only track team stats until the point is awarded.

  10. If you chose to track player stats during setup, the video will loop back to the beginning of the rally once a point is assigned, allowing you to add more details.

  11. After tagging an attack, click the start and end point of the attack location.

  12. After a set ends, click End Set and select the new rotations for each team.

  13. You also have the option to end the game by clicking End Set or Match, followed by End Match.

  14. After clicking Save and Exit, select Resume Tagging to immediately return to the tagging screen; Finish Later to save your progress and come back; or The Game is Over to finish tagging altogether.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Tag After the Game

  • To tag a specific team or color, use 1 or 2 on your keyboard. Use 1 to tag the team on the left side of the tagging panel, and 2 for the team on the right side.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are tied to each tag in the tagging panel. As the tagging panel changes, new options become available with new keyboard shortcuts.
  • To tag a player’s jersey number, type the two-digit number on your keyboard. If it’s below 10, first type 0, then the jersey number.
Kill K
Attack A
Ace A
Serve S
Serve Error E
Error E
Dig D
Block B
Overpass O
Receive & Free Ball Receive R
Free Ball F
Cover C