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Manage XML Data

Follow these steps to upload or delete XML data associated with a video. XML data is only available to volleyball teams with a Gold Package or higher, and users of Sportscode.

Upload XML Files

  1. Log in to and click Video.

  2. Hover over the video that needs XML data and select Details.

  3. If your library is shown in list view, click the action menu next to the video that needs XML data and select Details.

  4. Open the action menu.

  5. Select Manage Data.

  6. Click Upload XML.

  7. Choose the XML file from your computer.

  8. Click Open.

  9. Click Done.

  10. You'll see an attachment under Data, indicating that your XML file has been uploaded.

    The XML file is now attached to the video. You can access the data from the menu inside the video player.

Download XML Files

  1. Open the action menu.

  2. Select Manage Data.

  3. In the window that appears, click the downward arrow icon. The XML file will automatically download to the Downloads folder on your computer.

Delete XML from a Video

  1. Open the action menu.

  2. Click Manage Data.

  3. Click the Trash icon.

  4. Click Done.