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Soccer | Tag Video after the Match

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  1. Log in to your Hudl account and click Video.

  2. Select the game you'd like to tag.

  3. Click Tags.

  4. Click Tag Manually.

  5. Enter the game information, including jersey colors for both teams and attacking direction.

  6. Complete the attacking direction and click Done to start tagging.

  7. Play or fast-forward the video to find the opening kickoff, then click Kickoff for the team with the first possession.

  8. Use the Possession buttons to track which team has the ball.

    The orange soccer ball indicates whose possession is being tracked at the moment.

  9. Use the following buttons as each action occurs:

    • Shot
    • Cross
    • Custom
    • Out of Play / Set Piece
    • Pass
    • Goalkeeper Dropkick / Throw
  10. After tagging a shot, tag its result:

    • Goal
    • Saved
    • Off Target
    • Blocked
  11. After selecting Out of Play/Set Piece, tag the appropriate follow-up, then click Restart when play resumes.

  12. If something is mistakenly tagged, click Undo to delete your most recent tag.

  13. The timeline will display tags that have been added to the video. Your most recent tag will appear above the home team.

  14. Right-click anywhere on the timeline to add a tag at that moment. You can also right-click an existing tag to edit or delete it.

    To right-click on a Mac, hold Ctrl + click or use a two-finger click.

  15. Click Stats to see a live box score.

  16. At the end of the first half, click End 1st Half. You'll be prompted to click Kickoff for the team with possession to begin the second half.

  17. At the end of the second half, click End 2nd Half. Select End Game or Tag Overtime from the drop-down.