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Identify Unknown Player Tags

Some of the factors that lead to unknown player stats are attributed to poor video quality, missed game action, or jersey colors, to name a few. Correcting unknown player stats will fall under three separate scenarios:

  • The athlete wasn’t on the game’s roster
  • Could not identify the athlete
  • Could not follow the play
  1. Log into and click Video.

  2. Select the game with unknown player stats.

    You can access the video in question directly from the Assist Return Email or the Reports page for this game.

  3. Select Identify Unknowns.

  4. Hudl will prompt you through the steps to correct each unknown tag based off the Info Note.

  5. With each corrected tag, select Next.

  6. Select Save and Exit once all of the unknown tags have been corrected.

To get the best video for tagging, check out these recording tips.
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