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Lacrosse | Tag Video after the Game

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Tag options will differ between Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams.

  1. Log in to and click Video.

  2. Select the video you’d like to tag.

  3. Click Tags.

  4. Click Tag Manually.

  5. Select whether the game was played in quarters or halves.

    Men's teams will default to quarters and women's teams will default to halves.

  6. Use the drop-downs to select jersey colors for both teams.

  7. Choose the stats you’d like to track.

    These can be changed later as you tag. Just click Options.

  8. If your roster is incomplete, click Manage Your Roster. Click Edit to update your opponent's roster.

  9. Once you've entered the necessary information, click Start Tagging.

    Check out the available keyboard shortcuts to help you tag efficiently.

  10. Play or fast-forward the video to find the opening draw, then click Face Off Start at the start of the draw. Click Draw Control Won to award the team with the first possession, then select what happened afterwards.

    The crosse and ball icon indicates who has possession.

  11. Use the following buttons as each action occurs:

    • Shot
    • Groundball
    • Turnover
    • Out of Play
    • Foul
    • Custom
  12. After tagging a shot, tag its result:

    • Goal
    • Off Target
    • Saved
    • Blocked
    • Goal Circle Violation or Crease Violation
  13. Select Out of Play when necessary, then click Restart when play resumes.

  14. Click Turnover, choose from the following options:

    • Forced
    • Unforced
    • Shot Clock Violation
    • Goal Circle Violation or Crease Violation
  15. If something is mistakenly tagged, click Undo to delete your most recent tag.

  16. The timeline will display tags that have been added to the video. Your most recent tag will also appear above the home team column.

  17. Right-click anywhere on the timeline to add a tag at that moment. You can also right-click an existing tag to edit or delete it.

    To right-click on a Mac, hold Ctrl and click, or use a two-finger click.

  18. Click Stats to see a live box score.

  19. At the end of the first half, click End 1st Half. You’ll be prompted to click Draw Control Start to begin the second half.