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Restore a Deleted Video

This workflow is also available in the new Hudl for Football, click here to see the steps.

Any playlist deleted in the last 180 days can be restored.

  1. Log in to your Hudl account, then hover over Video and select Manage Library.

  2. Select Deleted Video.

  3. Hover over any deleted playlist and select Restore. The playlist will be restored to its original location in your library.

    You can now restore one playlist at a time rather than all playlists within a scheduled entry.


I accidentally deleted the wrong video. How can I get it back?

No sweat! Head to the deleted video section on your Manage Library page. Any video deleted within 180 days can be restored from there!

I can’t find my video in the ‘Deleted Video’ folder. Can you restore it for me on your end?

Unfortunately any video that was deleted 180+ days ago is no longer able to be restored, even on our end.

Is there a way to search for a video title in the deleted video folder?

There is not a tool built into our website to search, however you can use Command + f on a Mac or Control + f on a Windows to search that way.