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Manage Storage Hours

Managing storage hours is key to keep your account clean and within its allotted storage.

To know how much storage you have available, check how much is being used.
To clear storage hours but save your video, download and save it to your computer.
Don’t need a copy? Learn how to delete.
Not sure what to delete? Check out these tips.

Check Storage Hours

Storage hours are tracked by program. For example, an American Football program that has a Varsity, Freshman and JV team with accounts count toward the same storage allotment.

Note: Only team admins and coaches can download video.

  1. Log in to, then hover over Video and select Manage Library.

  2. You'll see the number of hours being used and the total number of hours available for your program. Below this, you'll see a breakdown of how many hours each team in your program is using.

  3. To navigate to another team in your program and manage their storage, click the hyperlinked team name.

    If the team name is not hyperlinked, you're not listed as a coach on that team. Reach out to a team admin to be added to the team.

Download a Copy

You don’t have to lose the video forever, download it to save it elsewhere - like your computer or an external hard drive. After you save the downloaded video, remember to delete to clear storage space.

Note: Only team admins and coaches can download video.

  1. Log in to, then hover over Video and select Manage Library.

  2. Select the video(s) you want to download.

  3. Select Download.

    You can now download multiple videos at once!

  4. Choose the file type you’d like and click Download.

    Select the check box to include breakdown data in the download.

  5. When your download ready, it will be sent in an email. Open it and click the download link to open the video in your Downloads folder.

    Downloading video does not remove it from your Hudl library. It will remain in your library and count as storage hours until you delete it.

Delete Video

When you delete video, the video will be permanently removed from your library. Playlists and highlights originally created from the video will remain intact.

  1. Log in to, then hover over Video and select Manage Library.

  2. Select the videos you want to delete.

  3. Select Delete.

    Accidentally delete a playlist that you'd like to keep? Learn how to restore a deleted playlist within 180 days of deleting it.

Tips for Managing Your Storage

  1. Start with scout film.
    After you play a team, you’re prob­a­bly not meet­ing them again that sea­son. And chances are the scout film you have on your rival school from four years ago isn’t need­ed either.

  2. Check the oth­er teams in the pro­gram.
    You may want to keep the video on your var­si­ty team win­ning the dis­trict cham­pi­onship, but it might be eas­i­er to part ways with your JV team’s film. Navigate between teams in the top left cor­ner of your account.
  3. Look back to pre­vi­ous years.
    Find your old­est videos and download them if you no longer need them on your account.

  4. Save the mem­o­ries before you delete.
    When you delete a video from the library, high­lights that were cre­at­ed using that video won’t be affect­ed. So even if you delete the last minute come­back win video over your rivals, any high­lights from it will be still remain. So if you want to save the best moments, but also an hour of stor­age, fol­low the steps in this tuto­r­i­al before deleting.
  5. Get more stor­age.
    When you just need more stor­age, check out this page to see your options.