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End-of-Season Analysis

  1. Under your team, select all of your game film from the season you wish to analyze.

  2. Then, select the Play button above your playlists.

  3. Next, click on the filters you would like to apply. In this example, we have selected offense, 3rd down, and pass plays.

  4. Now, click the Share button. This will allow you to save your playlist.

  5. Here you will enter the title, select who you want to share this with, and finally save the playlist. Click Save to finalize these changes.

  6. After selecting Save, you will see a green confirmation in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

  7. To see where this playlist now lives, go back to your library by selecting your team in the top right corner.

  8. You can now find this playlist under Your Team on the left and Created By You on the right.

    These playlists used to be placed under an End-of-Season Analysis folder. Please note that these multi-game playlists will now be found under your team's film.