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Regional Highlights FAQ

What are regional highlights?

Regional highlights showcase the top five clips from a state for a given week. We make videos for:

  • Longest passes
  • Longest runs
  • Longest kickoff returns
  • Longest punt returns
  • Longest defensive touchdowns
  • Big time touchdowns (longest touchdowns, either passes or runs)

How do I get our game featured in a regional highlight?

Hudl will create highlights of the best clips for each state throughout the season, but here are some tips to up your chances.

Your Video
  • Make sure your video is classified as Game Footage in your library. You can move a video with these steps. Having only one game footage video will also ensure the correct playlist is used for the highlight.
  • Your game should be in a single playlist - not split across two or three playlists.
  • Your playlist should have at least 50 clips and the full length of your game.
  • Be sure your highlights are public. Check out these steps to change your highlight privacy settings.
Your Data

The breakdown data necessary to make your video:

  • ODK
  • Play type
  • Result

The breakdown data that isn't required, but makes your video even better:

  • Passer, rusher, receiver
  • Gain/loss
  • Quarter

The above-and-beyond breakdown data that'll make your highlight as specific as possible:

  • Intercepted by
  • Tackler 1
  • Tackler 2
  • Recovered by
  • Returner
  • Kicker
  • Return yards
  • Kick yards

You can enter breakdown data using live tagging, manually from, or outsource this work to Hudl Assist.

How does Hudl create regional highlights?

Hudl runs an algorithm that pulls the top plays separated by state. This is an automated process, which is why having correct stats for your games is so important to the regional highlight.

Who can see the regional highlight?

Your state's regional highlight will be viewable from your team members' Home feeds.

To hide the Regional Highlight from your feed, click the X in the top right corner of the feed card; this doesn't delete the video.