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Athlete Recaps FAQ

What are Athlete Recaps?

Athlete Recaps are short highlights showcasing an athlete's best play from a single game.

How do I get an Athlete Recap every week?

Hudl will automatically create Athlete Recaps after games. Use the following tips to ensure your athletes get the best possible versions.

Your Video
  • Be sure your video is under “Game Footage” in your library. To move a video, check out this tutorial.
  • Your game should be one single playlist - not split across two or three playlists.
  • Your playlist should have at least 50 clips (a full game).
  • Be sure your highlights are public. Use these steps to change your highlight privacy settings.
Your Data

The breakdown data necessary to make an Athlete Recap:

  • ODK
  • Play Type
  • Result
  • Player stats (Passer, Rusher, Receiver)

The breakdown data that is not required, but makes the video even better:

  • Gain / Loss
  • Quarter

The above-and-beyond breakdown data that will make it as specific as possible:

  • Intercepted by
  • Tackler 1
  • Tackler 2
  • Recovered by
  • Returner
  • Kicker
  • Return yards
  • Kick yards

Only Coaches will have the ability to make changes to the information listed above.

How do I delete an Athlete Recap?

Just like any other highlight, coaches have the ability to delete Athlete Recaps.

  1. Select Highlights in the navigation bar.
  2. Select Team.
  3. Find the one you want to remove and click the trashcan.

Who can see my Athlete Recaps?

Anyone on your team will be able to view Athlete Recaps, as well as anyone who follows your athletes on Hudl. Athlete Recaps are also added to the athlete's profile.

Even though the video will feature both your team and your opponent, we don't send the same Athlete Recaps to your opponent. For the other team, we make separate recaps that use their own video, breakdown data and best plays.

If you do not want to see an Athlete Recap in your feed, click the X in the top right corner of the feed card. This doesn't delete the video.