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Add Player Stats

In order to have player stats associated with your breakdown, you will need to manually input their jersey numbers.

  1. Click My Columns and select New.

    • Rename this column set so you can easily find it in your current sets.
    • Next, select the columns for the stats you are going to breakdown.

    You will need to breakdown the following columns for your player stats.

    • PASSER
    • RUSHER
    • TACKLER 1
    • TACKLER 2
    • KICKER

    To complete your opponents' stats, you will need to complete the OPP PASSER, OPP RUSHER etc.

  2. Once you've created this column set, select this set so that it is active in your breakdown.

  3. Enter the jersey number and select the athlete from the drop down who recorded that specific stat.

  4. Once you hit enter, their number and name will auto-populate in the cell.

  5. From the library page, select Stats under the Team tab.

  6. After entering your player stats, you will see their names populate in your Game and Season Stats.

    In this example, we have not completed the OPP columns which is why their stats show as Rest of Team.