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Football | Required Recording Workflow

Check out these recording requirements and tips to make sure you get the best video for your team and for Hudl Assist.

The Right Equipment

  • Invest in up-to-date equipment like a high-definition (HD) camera or newer iPad for reliable recording and high-quality video.
  • Use a tripod so you have a stable, smooth stream when recording and reviewing video. No one wants to watch an entire game of shaky video.

How to Record

  • Record in high-definition.
  • Follow the ball to capture all of the play.
  • Clip the video between each play.
  • Keep things in focus. It’s hard to tag what you can’t see.
  • Record with audio, if possible.
  • Hold the iPad in landscape mode for best results.

What to Record

  • Capture the entire field but avoid zooming.
  • Record the scoreboard often and always at the end of every quarter and/or half.
  • Capture as many referee signals as possible.

Where to Record From

  • Set up a hard drive camera or iPad at midfield, approximately 10 rows up or from the press box.
  • Record from a vantage point that shows all players on the field.
  • Limit potential obstructions to the camera: fans, equipment, etc.

Tips for Recording with an iPad

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Hudl app.
  • Check the iPad for software updates.
  • Clean up the storage on your iPad to make room for your game (6-8 GBs of free storage).

Reasons Your Game Might be Rejected by Assist

  • If you submit a scrimmage that does not follow normal game rules.
  • The video is out of order.
  • The video is not clipped between each play.
  • The zoom of the video prevents us from seeing the whole field.
  • The game is filmed from a bad angle.
  • There is something in the way of the camera.
  • There are multiple games in one event.
  • There are no yard lines or the yard lines are not labeled or marked, i.e. only drawn every 10 yards.
  • The game is filmed from an end zone angle.
  • We were unable to see at least 10 offensive players consistently.

If the analyst is unable to break down a game due to poor quality, we’ll return it so you can upload a new copy. Turnaround time will no longer be guaranteed.

Example | Accepted Angle

Examples | Rejected Angles

Video angles between the accepted and rejected will be tagged or rejected based on the analyst's discretion. If tagged, there may be discrepancies with blocks, deflections, shot location, jersey numbers, etc.

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