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Convert Sportscode v11 Package to Hudl Sportscode Package

  1. Open Hudl Sportscode

    From the top menu bar select 'File' > 'Convert From Legacy' > 'Package...'

    Additional Ways to Start the Conversion Process (Single Files Only)

    • Drag and Drop the Sportscode v11 package onto the Hudl Sportscode icon in your dock
    • Right Click on the Sportscode v11 package > select 'Open With' > select 'Hudl Sportscode'
  2. Navigate to the Sportscode v11 Package(s) you wish to convert

    Once selected click on 'Convert'

    Only standalone packages (including Sportscode Classic databases) can be converted into Hudl Sportscode.

  3. As the new Hudl Sportscode Package is being created you will see a progress bar indicating the time remaining.

    Do not quit Hudl Sportscode whilst this process is in progress

  4. As soon as the Package conversion is complete, locate back to where the original Sportscode v11 file was located and the new Hudl Sportscode video package will also be located there.