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Add Players from Teams

  1. Open your Studio project and go to the Settings to connect to your Wyscout account.

  2. Under Integrations, log in to your Wyscout account.

  3. Once logged in, navigate to the Team panel and then Team List. You can search for the team by typing in the Search box.

  4. When the search is complete, click Add next to the team you want to add to Studio.

  5. The team will be added to your library and you can select that team in the Team List section.

    Look for the blue marker next to the team name to confirm you have selected the right team.

  6. Navigate to the Teams tab to see the players in the squad. Choose what item you want to use, e.g 3D disc, then click and drag the players name on to the video.

Next, add players to your tactical board.