Create a Panel

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.

  1. Add a 2D image.

  2. Place the 2D image on the video.

  3. Select objects.

    This can be any set of objects, text, or images.

  4. Right click on the selection and click Create Group.

  5. Right click again and select Create Panel.

  6. Go to the Assets tab.

  7. Under the Panels tab, you will see the created panel.

Panels are especially helpful to use as templates for video overlay. For example, add a rectangle in the lower left-hand corner, set the background to be slightly opaque and add the club badge (as a 2D image) next to it. Save these three items together as a panel. You'll be able to use this same overlay for future projects, maintaining the location of the panel on the video but adding text.