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Group Objects

Create a Group from Multiple Objects

  1. Open your Studio project and add more than one object or drawing to the clip.

  2. Select the objects you want to group, click on the 3 dots next to one of the highlighted objects, then select Create Group.

  3. As shown below, the objects on the timeline are grouped together and no longer visible as separate objects, but are shown on the timeline as “Group 0”.

Remove an Object from a Group

  1. To take an object out of a group, select the group on the timeline. On the right side you can see the objects that are in that group.

  2. Click the trash icon. When you do this, the object will be taken out of the group and shown as a separate object on the timeline again.

Add an Object to an Existing Group

  1. If you've added a new drawing and you want to add that object to an already-existing group, select the newest object and click the 3 dots next to it on the timeline. Then click Add to Group and select the group you want to add the object to.

  2. Once added to the group, the object will not show separately on the timeline anymore, but as part of the specified group.

Try using this group as a panel!