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Manage Assets

Create a Folder

  1. Open Studio and click on the Assets button.

  2. Click Create Folder.

    This works for any of the tabs, Images, Panels or Collaborations.

  3. An Untitled Folder will appear, to rename this folder click the Pencil Icon on the folder.

  4. Rename the folder, then click Save.

  5. You will now have a folder in for your assets.

Within a folder, you can create a sub-folder following the steps above.

Move Assets to Folders

  1. Select the assets you want to add to a folder.

    Select a range by using Select+SHFT or select multiple by using Select+CMD

  2. After you select your asset, click and drag to a folder.

    Alternatively, you can copy/paste assets into folders.

  3. Your assets will now appear in the folder.

Delete Assets

  1. Select the assets you wish to delete.

  2. Click Delete key on the keyboard.

  3. The assets will be removed.