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Watch Instance Videos from Timeline

There are two ways to watch coded instances:

  1. Double-click on a single instance or row in the timeline.

  2. Select the instance(s) you want to watch:

    • To select a single instance, click on it.
    • To select multiple instances, press the command key and click on each of the instances. You can also click and drag across a set of instances.
    • To select a range of rows, hold shift and select the first and last rows of the range.

    Then click Video.

    Instances will play back in the order you select them. For example, if you select the third row in your timeline, then hold Command and select the second row, the instances from the third row will play first, then the instances from the second row. The same holds true if you click and drag across multiple instances. To play instances in chronological order, select them at the same time using Command + A.

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