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Create Custom Title Slides Using Powerpoint - Sorter

The sorter is only avail­able only in Sportscode Elite. Interested in Upgrading?

  1. Create your title slide(s) in Powerpoint.

    Be sure to set your slide size to match the aspect ratio of your video. Usually Powerpoint slides are set to 4:3 by default, but the vast major­i­ty of video is 16:9. Click the Design tab, then click Slide Size. Select Widescreen (16:9) to change the slide aspect ratio.

  2. Click File > Export once you have fin­ished design­ing all of your title slides.

  3. Name the file in the Export As field. This will be the name of the fold­er con­tain­ing all the new slide images. Make sure the File Format is JPEG and check the Save Every Slide check­box. Finally, change the image size to 1280 x 720 for widescreen video. Click Export.