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Enable Live Output Reports on Hudl Replay

Utilize the instructions below to share your Hudl Sportscode output reports with Hudl Replay for live analysis and review.

  1. Launch Hudl Sportscode and start a live capture. Open a code window and output window.

  2. Select the session in Hudl Replay.

  3. Tap Start Watching.

  4. Navigate to the Reports tab. This section will be empty, as you haven’t shared the report yet.

  5. Return to Hudl Sportscode and click Share.

  6. Specify an export location.

  7. Uncheck Export Movies, as it’s not necessary and helps to reduce the load on your computer.

  8. Click Start Export. The export will begin running.

  9. Close the share window.

  10. Return to Hudl Replay. You’ll see your report in the Reports tab. Tap on it to be taken to the report itself.

  11. When you create instances within Hudl Sportscode, the output window will automatically update in Hudl Sportscode and Hudl Replay.

  12. Within the report on Hudl Replay, use zoom and pan to navigate the report.

  13. Tap on an action button.

  14. You’ll be taken to the video player, where you can see instances for the specific category. In the example below, we see goals for the red team.

  15. Tap + then Add to Playlist to add the clip(s) to a playlist. This playlist will be available on Hudl Replay after disconnecting from Hudl Sportscode, for example at half time.

    When disconnected, you’ll only have the information collected up to the disconnection point. However, once you reconnect to Hudl Sportscode, Hudl Replay will synchronize and update.