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Import Opta Rugby Data

  1. Import your video into Hudl Sportscode by cre­at­ing a new video pack­age. Once com­plet­ed, keep the pack­age open.

  2. Drag the red playhead to the kickoff/​start of the match in the Sportscode timeline.

  3. Navigate to File > Import, then select Opta Rugby...

  4. Select the Superscout Opta XML file. The asso­ci­at­ed srml file must also be present in the same loca­tion to import the XML data cor­rect­ly. Then click Open.

    Double check that the Align first instance at play­head option is select­ed. This will align the data based on the start/​kickoff mark.

  5. Once the data has fin­ished import­ing, it will appear in the video package.