Batch Rename

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.


The batch rename fea­ture allows for mul­ti­ple but­tons in a Hudl Sportscode code win­dow to be renamed in one step. For exam­ple, mul­ti­ple but­tons in a code win­dow can be renamed each week with the names of oppo­si­tion play­ers. Code win­dow but­tons with spec­i­fied Button ID’s can be renamed based on val­ues stored in a csv file.

  1. Add the Batch Rename but­ton to the code win­dow tool­bar by hold­ing con­trol and click­ing in the code win­dow tool­bar and select­ing Customize toolbar…”

  2. Next drag the Batch Rename but­ton to an emp­ty space in the code win­dow toolbar

  3. Setup Button ID’s in your code win­dow so that each but­ton you wish to rename has a spe­cif­ic but­ton iden­ti­fi­er. For exam­ple, if renam­ing play­er but­tons use Button IDs such as p01”, p02”, p03” etc.

  4. Next cre­ate a .csv file that lists the but­ton IDs along with the asso­ci­at­ed name changes. The first col­umn of the .csv file should con­tain a list of all the Button IDs in your code win­dow. The remain­ing columns then spec­i­fy the rename options for your but­tons. The first row con­tains the name of the rename group­ing you will see when you select the batch rename but­ton in your code window.

    In this exam­ple, when the Bulldogs” option is select­ed, the but­tons with IDs of p01” through to p05” will be renamed to bull­dogs play­er 1” through to bull­dogs play­er 5”.

  5. Name this file batch_rename.csv” and save it to your ~/​Documents/​Sportscode User Data/​code_​window fold­er. Create this code_​window fold­er if it does not already exist. Quit and relaunch Sportscode.

  6. To rename the but­tons in your code win­dow, click on the Batch Rename but­ton in your code win­dow tool­bar and select the group rename option you wish to apply.

    The CSV file is cached after the first time you use this fea­ture. If you want to reload the CSV file from the disk, hold down OPTION when click­ing on the Batch Rename” but­ton. This is handy when you are test­ing or adding items to the CSV file as you go.