Label Mode

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.


Label Mode is only avail­able in Hudl Sportscode Elite. You must have instances already cre­at­ed to use label mode. 

  1. Open a code win­dow with label buttons. 

  2. Open a Hudl Sportscode timeline.

  3. Click Label Mode from your code window. 

  4. Select the instances from your time­line that you’d like to label. 

    Select a sin­gle row by click­ing the row name. To select mul­ti­ple rows, hold Command on your key­board and click on addi­tion­al rows. 

  5. Drag the play­head to the begin­ning of the time­line. Press Tab on your key­board to pro­ceed to the first instance in the row(s) you selected. 

  6. Click on the label but­ton that you want to apply to the select­ed instance.

    If your label but­ton has a cor­re­spond­ing hotkey, acti­vate it by press­ing your hotkey. 

  7. Press Tab on your key­board to jump to the next instance. Hold Shift and press Tab on your key­board to jump to any pre­vi­ous instances in the row(s) you selected.

  8. When fin­ished label­ing, remem­ber to exit label mode by acti­vat­ing a dif­fer­ent mode.