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Remotely Activate iCoda on Your iOS Device

IMPORTANT: iCoda is free to download from the App Store on any iOS device, but iCoda timelines cannot be exported until the device is activated in the Command Centre. This is available with a registered version of the Coda desktop application.

  1. Launch Coda on your Mac and iCoda on your iOS device. Both devices must be connected to the internet.

  2. On the iOS device, tap iCODA.

  3. Under iCODA ID, tap and hold on the string of characters to highlight. This string is a unique identifier that is different on each iOS device.

  4. Tap Copy.

  5. Paste the code into an email or text message, and send it to an account that can be accessed on the Mac. Open this file on your Mac and copy the unique ID.

  6. On the Mac, click on CODA and select Command Centre...

  7. In the ACTIVATIONS section, click Available.

  8. Paste the ID into the iCODA ID field.

  9. Click Activate.

  10. The activation should now show In Use.

  11. Quit Coda and iCoda. Upon relaunch, the In Use slot in the ACTIVATIONS section should now mention the device name.