Import Data Live from iCoda into a Hudl Sportscode Package

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon on your menu bar and select Create Network...

  2. Name the network, then click Create.

  3. On your iPad with iCoda, tap Settings.

  4. Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings, then select the new personal network you created.

    If the new network doesn't appear, tap Other... and type in the name of the network. Both the computer and iPad should be connected to your local network.

  5. Launch Coda on your computer.

  6. In the top menu bar, click CODA and select Command Centre...

  7. Click Devices.

  8. Launch iCoda on the iPad.

  9. After a few seconds, the iPad will appear on the computer under Devices in the Command Centre. Select it.

  10. On your iPad, tap Allow this time only or Allow forever.

  11. On your computer, click Server.

  12. Toggle the status switch to ON.

  13. In iCoda on your iPad, open the form you'd like to use to code.

  14. Tap Online Coding.

  15. Choose the server you turned on in the Command Centre on your computer.

  16. Tap New Session.

  17. Name your session, then tap Done.

  18. Tap Start.

  19. You'll see the active coding session pop up in the Command Centre on your computer.

  20. Launch Hudl Sportscode on your computer, then navigate to File > Import > Live Sportscode XML...

  21. Select your username, then navigate to Public > CODA Sessions. Select the folder that matches the name of your coding session, then click Open.

  22. Click Capture and select Open capture window.

  23. Begin coding on the iCoda form. You'll see your codes populate in Hudl Sportscode as the capture continues.