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Set Up a Live Capture in Hudl Sportscode - Hudl Focus

This feature is only available with Hudl Sportscode Elite. Interested in Upgrading?

  1. Set up the Hudl Focus to Broadcast and take note of your two feed addresses in step 5.

  2. Launch Hudl Sportscode, then click Capture and select Open Capture Window.

  3. Click the Gear icon.

  4. Click the Feeds tab.

    Feeds only need to be created once. For future captures with the same feed, skip to step 9.

  5. Click the + icon.

  6. Double-click New Feed and rename the stream as desired. Press return on your keyboard to save.

  7. Be sure your feed is selected, then type your Tactical for basketball and Panoramic for Volleyball stream address from step 5 next to Feed Address.

  8. Click on the Sources tab.

  9. Select IP Capture and the feed. A green check will appear when it is connected.

  10. Make sure that the Capture Preset is set to From Source.

  11. Go back to the capture window and press the red Record button.