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Set Up Live Sharing

This feature is only available with Hudl Sportscode Elite. Interested in upgrading?

Note: At 1:00 in the video, instead navigate to File > Import > Live, as described in step 4 below.

Live Sharing is new feature in Hudl Sportscode that replaces Sportscode's old collaboration tools of Timeline Share and Mirror Codes. It updates video and data much faster than those previous features, while also creating a local copy of the capturing video on the viewing computers. This allows for greater playback of video on any additional viewing machines.

  1. Set up your computers for sharing, then open up a capture window on your primary (live capturing) computer.

  2. Click on the Gear icon to open up the inspector window.

  3. Check Share with other devices.

  4. On the viewing (secondary) computer, access the primary computer and open up Hudl Sportscode and select File > Import > Live.

  5. The Live Streams window will pop up; click Browse.

  6. Access the Sportscode Share Folder or other shared folder and select the video package. Click Open.

  7. Make sure the boxes are checked and click Save.

  8. Name your file whatever you'd like and then change the save location to be your Desktop. Click Save.

  9. You'll see all the instances and video from your capture computer begin to appear on your viewing computer.

  10. When the event ends, stop the cap­ture on the pri­ma­ry machine. You'll now have a local copy of the event on both your capture computer and also your viewing computer.