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Best Practices for Capture

Utilize the tips laid out in this tutorial to reduce the frequency of dropped frames and other capture issues.

  1. Restart your computer before starting your capture.

  2. Exit out of all other applications besides Hudl Sportscode and Finder.

    Live capture is a highly intensive process and uses a lot of your computer's resources. Closing all other applications will ensure that your computer's resources are allocated towards Hudl Sportscode and live capture.

  3. Typical captures using the AJA U-TAP devices should use the HD720 or HD1080 capture preset along with the frame rate based on the capture feed’s resolution and frame rate. Alternatively, IP captures should always utilize the From Source capture preset.

  4. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. If utilizing IP capture or live sharing, we recommend using ethernet.

    While this is a minor performance increase, we want to limit the number of activities your computer is performing during live capture.