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Code Window Modes

Edit Mode

Edit mode is used to create or edit a code windows. You will edit button appearance, button behavior and buttons scripts. This mode let's you will customize your code window to reflect what you information you want to appear in the timeline.

Report Mode

Report mode is used to show outputs from a specified source. A source can be a timeline, group of timelines, a database, etc. While in report, you will not be coding to anything to a timeline. Report mode primary function is to display information from coded timelines.

Only available for Elite and Elite Review licenses.

Label Mode

Label mode is used to add or remove labels from a timeline. While in label mode, code buttons will not work. Labels added to instances in this mode provide additional information for you review process.

Code Mode

Code mode is used to mark a timeline with instances. When a code button is clicked, an instance will appear on a timeline. The red playhead on the timeline indicates where the instance will be created.

Capture Mode

Capture mode is used when live capturing a game to code instances in real time. This mode allows you to follow the action to collect live data.

Capture mode is only available for Gamebreaker, Pro and Elite licenses.