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Button Types

Code Button

Code buttons create rows of instances in a timeline to separate the different events that code buttons represent. An example of a code button is Shots. Code buttons are identified with a diamond in the left corner.

Label Button

Label buttons add descriptions to the code button (or events). Labels are added to any active code buttons or the last active code button. An example of labels are On Target or Off Target. The identifier for a label button is a circle in the left corner.

Inactive Button

Inactive buttons is primarily used for a headings or backgrounds. This button has no function during the coding process. Inactive buttons are identified by a square in the left corner.

Action Button

Action buttons are used to make movies and as toggle buttons.

  • The make movie action will create a video when a button is scripted to show specific instances.
  • The toggle function is used to change other buttons based it's button state of up or down. The state of the toggle button is determined and then will change other buttons based off of the state.

Action buttons are identified with a triangle in the left corner.

Only available for Elite and Elite Review licenses.

Chart Button

Charts provide visualizations for the information you have collected in a timeline. You have the option for a bar, stacked bar, column, stacked column, pie or a heat map. There is minimal scripting with charts to create the visualizations you need.

Only available for Elite and Elite Review licenses.