Network Troubleshooting

Is the light on the camera lighting up?


First, make sure there’s def­i­nite­ly no light on. Depending on the light­ing in your gym, it could be dif­fi­cult to see if the lights on your cam­era are on. 

No light means your cam­era doesn’t have pow­er. Double-check that your pow­er cable is plugged into the cam­era and the pow­er out­let. Next, make sure your eth­er­net cable is plugged into the data port on the back of the cam­era, not Ext 1 or Ext 2 ports. 

If the eth­er­net was plugged into the wrong port, give your cam­era a few min­utes to come online. If the cable is plugged in cor­rect­ly and your cam­era isn’t light­ing up, you may have an issue with your pow­er source. 



A sol­id yel­low light means there’s an issue with your net­work or cam­era acti­va­tion. Keep read­ing to troubleshoot. 

A white light means the cam­era is in stand­by mode and ready to record. A green light means your cam­era is record­ing. These col­ors mean you’re good to go. 

A puls­ing orange light means your cam­era is boot­ing up. Wait for it to fin­ish and see what col­or the light is to deter­mine your next step. 

A flash­ing red light means you should give our sup­port team a call at 402 – 817-0060.

Have you re-checked the technical requirements?


Take anoth­er look at these and make sure they’ve all been met. 


Great. Let’s keep troubleshooting.

Rule out hardware issues.

Try plug­ging a lap­top into the same eth­er­net cable you’re using with your cam­era. Can the lap­top con­nect to the inter­net? If not, you might have a bad eth­er­net cable.

Cable’s good to go? Let’s try resolv­ing any poten­tial net­work issues.

Try pinging the camera’s IP address on your network.

Your camera’s host­name will dis­play as FOCUS-##### and should be search­able on your DHCP server’s IP leases. 

If you can ping your cam­era, it’s online, on the net­work and attempt­ing to com­mu­ni­cate — but something’s pre­vent­ing it from com­mu­ni­cat­ing. Look for traf­fic com­ing from it. Can you see any­thing being blocked? 

Check that all con­tent fil­ter­ing, appli­ca­tion con­trol and SSL inspec­tion has been dis­abled for your cam­era. This can lim­it the camera’s out­bound traf­fic and pre­vent it from being able to com­mu­ni­cate properly.

See if you can remove the potential blocker. 

Create a reser­va­tion on your DHCP serv­er using the MAC address of the cam­era. (You can find the MAC address by search­ing the DHCP server’s lease. Contact our sup­port team if you need help.) This mim­ics a sta­t­ic IP address. You should set rules on your fire­wall to allow all out­bound traf­fic from that IP address.

With all out­bound traf­fic allowed from the cam­era, see if you can ping it. If that works, start adding restric­tions back in. This won’t pose any secu­ri­ty risk since the cam­era com­mu­ni­cates out­bound only and has no incom­ing traffic. 

Still offline?

Sometimes doing a pow­er cycle helps con­nect the device to the net­work. Unplug the cam­era from pow­er for one minute. When you dis­con­nect, any lights on your cam­era will turn off. 

Plug the cam­era back in. You should see a puls­ing orange light that changes to sol­id yel­low. After this hap­pens, wait for up to five min­utes for the cam­era to come online. (You’ll know it’s online when the light changes to white). 

Not working? Contact our support team.

If you tried all the steps above, reach out to our sup­port team at 402 – 817-0060 and we’ll help get your cam­era online.