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How do I get the scoreboard to show on my video/livestream?

The Focus camera must have a clear, unobstructed view of your scoreboard with the lights illuminated at the time of installation for our team to be able to calibrate it.

If your scoreboard still isn’t showing up, our support team can help—just make sure that the scoreboard is in view of your Focus camera, then give us a call. We'll take it from there!

Part of my scoreboard is cut off. How can that be fixed?

Contact our support team at so we can take a closer look.

Does the scoreboard show on the video in my Hudl library or just the livestream?

The scoreboard will show on both the livestream and the video in your library.

How do I remove the scoreboard from my video/livestream?

If you want to remove the scoreboard from your video/livestream, contact our support team at

Can we add a scoreboard to the video if our field's scoreboard isn't viewable in the video?

This can be done through your broadcasting software. Check out more information on how to set up a Hudl Focus broadcast.